The Horrors - Who Can Say


A rare live shot of the Misfits circa autumn of 1977 that usually pops up on the Internet cropped to include just Glenn Danzig and part of the drums. L-R: Jerry Only in his glammiest of attire, Manny Martinez, Danzig sporting his homemade “No Fun” shirt, Franché Coma. Photographer unknown, venue unknown (could be Eddie’s Rock Palace in Teaneck, NJ, or Shock Theatre in Toronto).
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Isabella Rossellini in Leather Jacket

Lynn Goldsmith

This kid looks just like I did at his age.
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Anna Karina
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John Lydon - Public Image Limited
Punk+ ©Sheila Rock
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A French print of the Mother of Sorrows holding some of the Arma Christi, the instruments Christ’s Passion.
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Resurrection, 1584-94 by El Greco
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Love this man, he made an alchemist out of me.
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Pussy Galore
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